Holmgang Kendo Competition 2018

tilBergen, Norway
ProvinsenHordaland (12)

On the first day of Holmgang there will be the Team Competition A, which is a 3-person team competition where every team will fight an equal number of matches. There will be a total scoreboard for all the matches, and the team with the total highest number of victories will win. In case of equal number of victories, ippons will determine the winners. After that hiki-wake counts, and if there is still any doubt there will be held champion matches. The number of fights for each team is determined by the total amount of teams registered, and will be announced along with the drawing in advanced of the competition. In the event of an odd number of teams registered, each round will include a rotating break for one team. On second and last day of Holmgang there will also be the Team Competition B, which is also a 3-person team competition, but this time it will be Kachinuki.
Which means that whoever won the match will stay as fighter, and the person losing the match is out and their team will send out its next player. Hiki-wake will result in both players get knocked out. First team to run out of players loses. Both competitions will score and give prices to the top three (3) teams. Other than Team Competition B, HCK will follow standard international shiai rules. More information coming soon.

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