Interactive Intro to Neural Networks

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Students, scientists, and developers have the tendency to treat neural networks like a magic black box. For those that want a free workshop and course on the understanding of neural networks and how to program this from scratch- this is for you.In this 2.5 hour highly interactive workshop we are honored to have introductory presentations regarding neural networks taught by Katya Mustafina and Natalia An from Microsoft.Natalia has been in IT for almost two decades - as a developer, architect, project manager, team manager, devops - working in-house and as a consultant. Lately she joined the data science field, and now empowers the machine learning direction at the Microsoft Development Center Norway. She is a founder and a driving force behind Oslo Maskinlæring meetup group.Katya is a software engineer at Microsoft helping people to empower their systems with artificial intelligence.
She has developed software for over 20 years and for the last two years has built machine learning solutions. Her great passion is to discover new areas where machine learning can solve problems considered impossible before and relieve people from boring tasks. Find her on twitter at @katyageek.Proceeding their introductory presentation to neural networks you will receive an amazing interactive tutorial through our platform, that will take you through how to program an introductory neural network. Who should attend?Our neural network course was developed for junior data scientists or curious learners from this field seeking a better understanding and knowledge of basic principles of neural networks and how to program them.Course objectivesGain a basic understanding of neural networks, how they work and how they can be applied. Be able to build a simple aspect of a neural network and receive a 3 month free trial to Diggit which contains a course as to how you can fully build a neural network from scratch.

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