Japanese Tea Ceremony Course on Thursday 09 May

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Join a meditative Japanese Tea Ceremony, Cha No Yu with Yasuko/Sosei Oki as an instructor of Omotesenke school. In this course Yasuko/Sosei will introduce an approachable but authentic style, called "Ryaku temae" or "Obondate", it's the way of serving with a tray. Participants can learn how to prepare Matcha as a host, and how to attend Japanese tea ceremony as a guest. All participants can taste a cup of Matcha and a small Japanese sweet. This course will be co-hosted by Oslo International Hub, and supported by Palais des Thes Norway. Matcha will be provided by Palais des Thes, and all participants can get a 15% discount coupon from Palais des Thes at Majorstua and Sandvika. We reserve the right to cancel the course if there are few attendants.
Japanese Tea Ceremony Course on Thursday 09 May Oslo Torsdag 9 mai 2019 - Begivenhet Oslo -

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