Norsk Språktrening om Startups og Gründere

ProvinsenOslo (03)

Oslo International Hub is pleased to present the new "Norsk Språktrening om Startups og Gründere". This will not be the classic boring language course but it will be something completely different: you will have the opportunity to practice and talk in Norsk about topics related to the business & startup world: you will have the opportunity to practice and learn how to present yourself and your business model/plan, how to speak about budgeting, evaluation and your assets, how to create/improve your professional network, how to talk about your products & your selling strategy and much, much more. All this will be done in the magnificent setting of our building (and of our park, in case of good weather) in collaboration with Alber Souza, who will be the supervisor & moderator of the Språktrening thanks to his huge experience as a language teacher.
This 8 weeks sessions is aimed in particular for intermediates who want to improve their Norsk skill and be able to use it in a professional business context. This is a testing pilot and for this reason there will be no fee; however attendance will be required.

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