Sharing Pot - super cosy dining!

AdresseOlav Kyrres Gate 39, 1 etg.
tildwell gastrobar
ProvinsenHordaland (12)

Greeting friends. Dwell Sharing Pot is back on the table, every Wednesday kl 16-22. :D Sharing Pot is a meal that you order to the table, and then you share between you company. <3 So this it how it goes: You gather a group of friends, family or why not strangers, sit together at a table, and you order in a Pot of tasty and healthy vegan stew, served with rice. You will get plates and serving spoons, and then you SHARE this meal and quality time together. And you pay only 110 kr per person. And we will have a recommended drink to match it. So the size of the pot will depend on how many people who are gonna share it. And the portions will be filling. Ahh we are just soo happy about this concept of coming together and share food and presence, which we feel is so beautiful and important .
And we are sure you also will love it to when you try it. (And of cause, if you are alone, you also get the Sharing Pot to share with yourself.) <3 So spread the word and see you at Dwell on wednesday.

The wonderful wednesday vibe continues with «La Dolce Vita», from kl 20. This concept, curated by DJ Patl, invites you to enjoy different DJs chill music, dance tango and try taste matching of various wines and chocolates. Every wednesday we will offer a different wine with chocolate to accompany it. :D (Check weekly "La Dolce Vita" events for more details). Ah life is sweet…. <3 <3 <3

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