Single Cell and Spatial Transcriptomics Scientific Seminar | Bergen, Norway

ProvinsenHordaland (12)

Invitation to Single Cell and Spatial Transcriptomics Scientific Seminar Haukeland University Hospital and 10x Genomics welcomes researchers with an interest in single cell Gene Expression analysis and spatial transcriptomics. Single cell sequencing has revolutionized life science research leading to a deeper understanding of biological processes in health and disease. Rapid technology advances are enabling large-scale projects for resolving single cell populations from 100s to millions of cells in a given study. In this seminar we will introduce a combined workflow with optimized sample preparation and demonstrate a variety of single cell applications. Recent advances have progressed from Single Cell Genomics to encompass spatial profiling of Gene Expression. We will give a brief introduction to the latest 10X Genomics innovation from Spatial Transcriptomics all anchored with scientific examples, based on a selection of more that 500 published articles related to 10X Genomics solutions. Speaker from 10X Genomics from the UK, Stephen Hague, PhD Agenda Welcome and introduction Erik Stensrud, 10X Genomics Single Cell Applications:3′ Digital Gene Expression 5′ Digital Gene Expression with combined VDJ analysis of B and T cells ATAC Seq Feature Barcoding (Dextramers, CRISPR, Cell Surface Proteins) Introduction to Spatial Transcriptomics Questions and Answers, All The meeting is free to attend, but registration is required.   Please note that by registering you are giving permission for your details to be shared with partner companies at this event.
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