YSI Global: Demo day 23/08 (closed-door invite only)

ProvinsenOslo (03)

Demo day Welcome to the fourth ever demo-day pitch with the teams in the Young Sustainable Impact Innovation program. This year we can promise you prototypes, teams ready with partnerships and amazing people from Syria, the US, Ethiopia, Ireland, France, Indonesia, Iran, and many more countries. In 2019 we hit a record and had 12.500 applicants to our innovation program where only 26 participants from 21 countries made the cut after 4 rounds of selection, which then culminated into 8 teams.  The teams are working to help skilled displaced people find work, increase income for farmers, clean energy companies to have more accurate weather data, tourists to travel sustainably. Others are creating biodegradable packaging out of wheat and corn husk that you can throw on the ground and make a plant out of, and others are making a world map of water solutions and problems to connect the people who work on water problems or have them.
We also have two teams who are working in collaboration with Yara International - learn about the process from YARA` s perspective as well of how the startup-corporate collaboration has been. Join us for a fireside chat with some of the participants and listen in to 8 brilliant pitches, meet other businesses and investors, and be part of the amazing energy that is created when YSI gathers. Where: Salt Langhuset, Langkaia 1, 0150 OsloWhen: 08.45-12.00

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