Breakfast with New Friends

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1 morning, 1 hour, 6 humans. It's Breakfast with New Friends. Start your day with a bunch of new wonderful people who all have one thing in common: being members of Media Evolution. How awesome is it to indulge in interesting conversations with new people and at the same time get a free breakfast? We say VERY awesome.  Breakfast with New Friends takes place early mornings ones a month and always for free. But watch out - there is only 6 seats for every breakfast so don’t sit around an wait to sign up. Breakfast with New Friends is only open for members of Media Evolution. Check out our member list if you are unsure as to whether or not your company is a member. WHAT: Breakfast with new friends and interesting conversations.
WHEN: April 17, 08.00-09.15
WHERE: Media Evolution City, Malmö.
WHY: Because you're a member of Media Evolution and want to get to know new people.

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