BYOND Breakfast, 02 May

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Go BYOND before you go to work BYOND Breakfast is a short yet satisfying taste of the BYOND philosophy. In this interactive and inspiring workshop, you will have the opportunity to reflect with like-minded conscious leaders, explore creative collaboration and take away rich insights. Included will be a live interview session with special guest, facilitated by BYOND founder Neo Moreton. Breakfast is included. (Workshop is free for BYOND members, use your membership code when booking your ticket. ) What is BYOND? BYOND is a new movement and network of conscious leaders. We fuse the worlds of creative leadership and inner wisdom, challenging business leaders and changemakers to go BYOND through a wildly democratic model of education, events and experiences. Dive in to our philosophy, method and tools at About Neo Moreton BYOND was founded in 2018 by Neo Moreton.
A meditating, business-creating Brit, Neo loves facilitating deep human-to-human connections that elevate humanity by accessing the wisdom within. Neo devised BYOND to bring his rich experience in the business and personal development worlds together. Believing work can be a powerful platform for personal transformation, he urges everyone to go BYOND and connect, collaborate and creatively share our life learnings Neo on LinkedIn >

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