Dead Bronco

AdressPrästgatan 3
tillBomber Bar Motala
ProvinceÖstergötlands län (123)

Förköp kan köpas i baren 80kr På dörren 100kr Dead Bronco, the band that became known all over Europe for their Country Punk Rock captained by the american Matt Horan, and during the past 5 years have proudly flown the flag of the american roots movement in Europe, anounce the release of their new album, DRIVEN BY FRUSTRATION, with new band members, new tour, and a new sound that they have defined as AMERICANA SLUDGE. “ We play traditional acoustic instruments, banjos, mandolins, upright bass, guitars, but with an electric twist, using distortion, effects, modulations, creating a sound which we like to call AMERICANA SLUDGE.”
Dead Bronco Motala Östergötlands län Bomber Bar Motala Onsdag 9 maj 2018 - Händelse Motala -

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