Heat pump solutions for stores, warehouses and distribution centers

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While heat pump markets are growing continuously, much of this growth is still the result of their deployment in new buildings. The renovation sector in general and light-commercial to commercial applications is a challenge. If appropriately addressed, the number of buildings that will yet have to be renovated is a huge market opportunity in itself.   INGKAGroup Real Estate has an ambition to become climate positive by reducing more greenhouse gas emissions than the IKEA value chain emits. IAt INGKAGroup, becoming climate positive means generating renewable energy, consuming and purchasing renewable electricity while increasing energy efficiency and working to halve emissions from consumer and co-worker travel.   The workshop should focus on enabling the transformation of INGKAGroup properties from fossil to renewables-based heating and cooling.
It should help INGKAGroup to better understand if heat pump based solutions exist to solve today’s renovation challenges.   It should help the heat pump industry to understand that there is potentially a huge market in renovating semi-commercial and commercial buildings with heat pumps.   It should also give the participants the opportunity to connect and to network and match building requirements with available solutions.   TE Thomas Emser Thomas Emser Real Estate German Ingka Group Engineering Leader RL Richard Lundgren Richard Lundgren Group Real Estate Facility Management Leader Thomas Nowak European Heat Pump Association Secretary General

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