ISDP Forum: Turkey's Dark History - From Atatürk to Erdogan

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Media censorship, arbitrary arrests, undemocratic electoral processes - the trend in Turkey under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is well-known in the West. But how does all of this fit into the modern history of Turkey? And how are we to understand the roots of authoritarianism in the country? In this ISDP Forum, Mr. Halil Karaveli, Editor of the ISDP Silk Road Studies Program's Turkey Analyst and a researcher at ISDP, will present his new book on this topic: Why Turkey is Authoritarian: From Atatürk to Erdogan. After the presentation, Mr. Karaveli will be joined by Mr. Anders Q Björkman, Deputy Culture Editor at Svenska Dagbladet, and Ms. Suzy Hansen, award-winning journalist based in Istanbul, for a panel discussion. The forum will be moderated by Dr. Svante Cornell, Director of ISDP.
Registration starts at 14:30.

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