Maitreya Meditation

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One of the root causes of most problems experienced in life is the absence of us being present. By existing solely in the mind and not in the actual reality, we miss the life we are here to live out. Maitreya Meditation has been created by Dhyan Vimal as a global peace effort to re-establish the truth that there is a presence to each human being beyond the existence of the mind. It is an incredible exercise that helps you to be freed of the mind and to provoke your state of being to come alive. This meditation offers the very base for any real transformation. Maitreya Meditation is a 60 minute meditation with three stages: 1) The first stage is silent sitting, Dhyan Vimal’s ABC technique which restores you back to your presence. 2) In the second stage, you lie down in the awareness of Dhyan Vimal’s First Six Rites of Awakening.
3) The third stage is celebration, where you celebrate for all. To learn more about Maitreya Meditation, explore our free MASTERCLASS; We open the doors at 18:00 for mingle and the meditation starts at18:30. Please be seated in the meditation room at the latest by 18:20. For more info or questions, email to [email protected] or contact 070-591 24 11. Welcome.  

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