Management Of Risk Foundation (M_o_R) 2 Days Training in Stockholm

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Course Description: This M_o_R Foundation Course lasts 2 days and prepares learners to demonstrate knowledge and comprehension of the four elements of the M_o_R framework: Principles, Approach, Processes, Embedding and Reviewing; and how these elements support corporate governance. The M_o_R Foundation Course is also a prerequisite for the M_o_R Practitioner qualification.  Course Topics: Introduction ●      Introduction to the M_o_R Course ●      What is a risk? ●      What is a risk management? ●      Why is risk management so important? ●      Basic risk definitions ●      The development of knowledge about risk management ●      Corporate governance & internal control ●      Where and when should risk management be applied? M_o_R principles: ●      The purpose of M_o_R principles ●      Aligns with objectives ●      Fits the context ●      Engages stakeholders ●      Provides clear guidance ●      Informs decision-making ●      Facilitates continual improvement ●      Creates a supportive culture ●      Achieves measurable value ●      Risk management maturity models M_o_R approach: ●      Relationship between the documents ●      Risk management policy ●      Risk management process guide ●      Risk management strategy ●      Risk register ●      Issue register ●      Risk response plan ●      Risk improvement plan ●      Risk communications plan M_o_R process ●      Common process barriers ●      Identify – contexts ●      Identify – the risks ●      Assess – estimate ●      Assess – evaluate ●      Plan ●      Implement ●      Communication throughout the process M_o_R perspectives ●      Strategic perspective ●      Program perspective ●      Project perspective ●      Operational perspective Risk specialisms ●      Business continuity management ●      Incident and crisis management ●      Health and Safety management ●      Financial risk management ●      Environmental risk management ●      Reputational risk management ●      Contract risk management M_o_R Foundation Exam ●      (1 hour + time for administrative procedures) Learning Goals: ●      Describe the key characteristics of risk and the benefits of risk management ●      List the eight M_o_R Principles ●      List and describe the use of the key M_o_R Approach documents ●      Create Probability and Impact scales ●      Define and distinguish between risks and issues ●      Create a Risk Register ●      Create a Stakeholder map ●      Identify the key roles in risk management ●      Use the key techniques and describe specialisms in risk management ●      Undertake the M_o_R Foundation examination  Course Agenda:  Day 1 ●      Introduction ●      M_o_R principles ●      M_o_R approach ●      M_o_R process Day 2 ●      M_o_R perspectives ●      Risk specialisms ●      M_o_R Foundation Exam  Who can Attend?  This M_o_R Foundation Course is ideal for professionals who need to learn and apply the concepts of risk management, and specifically, understand the principles and language of the M_o_R method.
For example, Directors, all levels of Managers, Program and Project Managers, Program Office Staff, Business Change Managers, and Business Consultants.

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