SECO – IT-Security Foundation 2 Days Virtual Live Training in Stockholm

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Course Description: The IT-Security Foundation course is a two-day course aimed at developing basic knowledge about securing and defending an IT infrastructure environment. The slides cover all examination topics; no additional literature is required to prepare students for the exam. Course Topics: Day 1: ●     Introduction to IT-Security Foundation ●     Learning objectives ●     Security in Networks, Systems and Software ●     Understanding the different types of computer systems and their vulnerabilities from a security point of view ●     Understanding TCP/IP networking ●     IP and IPV4 security, Wi-Fi and attacks on networks ●     Relevance of understanding applications and application vulnerabilities  Day 2: ●     Security in Networks, Systems and Software ●     Understanding databases and database vulnerabilities ●     Security through Cryptography and Access Control ●     Understanding cryptography in terms of implementing effective security measures ●     Definition of identification and examples of identity attributes ●     Common (Ab)use Cases ●     Understanding cloud computing and the related risks ●     Understanding how cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities to be able to implement appropriate security controls ●     Summary of all modules ●     Refer to Summary / Recapitulation activities Learning Goals: The course provides candidates with an overview of the most important technological aspects of an IT infrastructure.
The main aim of the course is to help candidates acquire a global understanding of the security impact of each of these technological aspects.  Course Agenda: The course consists of three modules:  ●     Module 1: Security in Networks, Systems and Software ●     Module 2: Security through Cryptography and Access Control ●     Module 3: Common (Ab)use Cases Who can Attend? ●     Managers who wish to understand more clearly what is required from security specialists without engaging in technical details, and ●     Professionals who wish to attend further specialised security trainings in the future

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