Seminarium: Employee Engagement - In payroll, benefits and rewards

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Employee Engagement is the number one topic in the HR landscape nowadays, with a good running economy people can switch jobs easily and move on if they want to at any given time. Based on what you pay them, reward them for or the benefits that you offer them, employees can make the decision to stay with your organization or move on. But how well do you know the efficiency of you payment, rewards and benefits processes? Are your employees happy with them, do they know about the options and is it keeping them engaged? To give you an insightful day on this topic: 3 international companies specialized in Payroll, Rewards and Benefits joined forces. They got together the greatest experts from these industries to give you the latest trends, insights and quick wins on these topics.
When? September 19th, 9.30-14.30 Where? Banérgatan 16 @Benify

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