Treasure Island: a pantomime by Ben Crocker

ProvinceSkåne län (224)

Bringing the tradition of British Pantomime to Southern Sweden, On Stage Skåne is proud to present to you: Treasure Island, the Pantomime. Treasure Island is the well-known story of young Jim Hawkins and his adventures aboard a pirate ship headed by the fearsome Long John Silver. In this version of the tale however we also find out what happens to Jim's mother, his true love Jenny, her father the Squire, Polly the Parrot and of course the Women's Institute as they join Silver's bloodthirsty pirates.  Pantomime is a British tradition where a well-known story or fairytale is told by means of song, dance, humour and slapstick. It does not involve any actual mime.  It does involve cake though, lots of cake. On Stage Skåne promises that this will be a night for all ages to enjoy.
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